Friday, November 30, 2012

Please Help Us Finish the Dream

The Request:

If you believe that I am a worthy person to invest your money in and if you believe I am able to make good on these goals, please help us reach our dreams by contributing toward allowing me to finish this degree.

Please follow this link to help promote or support the campaign. Thanks!!

I need to pay for my final Undergraduate degree classes

I just have this term and next to complete:
This term costs $2327.29 and covers one programming class, and two art history classes. I am in finals next week.

Next term will cost around the same amount for one statistics class and one additional class of any kind that will give me the 8 credits total needed to continue to reside in student housing.
If I cannot pay it all off before the end of December then we must move but any monies contributed will go to the school bill.

I will continue on to Graduate school and help the HUB grow

By making these two terms happen for me you allow me to get out of default, finish my undergraduate degree and enroll in Graduate school where I will get my Masters in Management. I aim to use the Masters program to help the Hospice Unique Boutique grow into the organization that it has the potential to become. By helping me you help a very worthy organization that helps numerous people at the end of their lives find solace.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word :)